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Lindsay Pepin Ophus

"We will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony." -Revelation 12:11

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Who is Lindsay?

Child of God. Wife to Malachi. Birth Mother. Dog Mom. Sister & Friend. Author & Speaker. Attempting Blogger. Lover of Sweets. Seeker of Growth. Fighter & Brave. Encourager of Women. Loud Laugher. Bright Color Wearer. Challenge Accepter. 


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Cheers to 6 Years!

Cheers to SIX years!!

My love and I just hit 6 years of marriage last month! If you know Malachi and I, you know that we are two imperfect people. Our marriage has had great seasons and very challenging seasons. The great thing about being imperfect is you learn A LOT! I thought I would share my 6 tips to marriage/relationships that I have learned in the last 6 years.

1. Y’all…. Jesus is the ANSWER. We have had times where we did not put Jesus in the center of our marriage… let me tell ya… it was not great. Jesus is the glue that keeps us together. Pray together… often! Seek Him for answers together… often! Encourage each other’s walk… often! This year has been my favorite year of marriage, it has also been the year that we have both spent the most time with Jesus… TOGETHER!

2. Comparison will eat your marriage for lunch. No one knows anyone else's marriage except the two people that are in it. Instagram does not show the challenges that are happening behind the picture. I have two sisters, so marriages are often discussed. I must constantly remember that everyone is at different stages in their marriage, we have different personalities, and different challenges. My husband is great at things that their husbands are not and vice versa. Water your own grass instead of looking over the fence.

3. Be best friends but don’t be each other's only friend. Your spouse/boyfriend/crush cannot be the only person with whom you are in a relationship. Yes, be each other’s safe place but girl get some friends. We have too many emotions, words, and needs to expect one person to fulfill them. You are setting both of you up for failure. Sometimes you just need a gal pal!

4. Laugh often! Every time I fill out a wedding card, this is what I put. Malachi and I have the greatest inside jokes. We truly are great friends and make each other laugh constantly. It is the best medicine to laugh together, play together, and just be plain stupid together. Don’t life get too busy or serious where you forget how to laugh!!

5. Team Ophus and Team Malachi! We are each other’s biggest fan! One thing that Malachi taught me by example, is to be fearlessly loyal. Regardless of the situation he is always on my side and my team. We cheer each other on and we never compete. When Malachi was in school full time, and I would make a bonus we would always say “we made a bonus”. When Malachi graduated college, we graduated! We are in this life thing together. Cheer each other on and always be on the same team!

6. Dream together!! Malachi and I often have our deepest talks in the car. The phones are down because someone is driving, and we typically can’t agree on music, so we chat. We talk about our goals and our future. We just bond over making unified plans as a family. We move future mountains in those car rides.

6 tips for 6 years! Excited to see what we learn in our next 6 years! Put God first and your spouse second and you can’t lose! I would love to hear your favorite marriage tip!


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