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Lindsay Pepin Ophus

"We will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony." -Revelation 12:11

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Who is Lindsay?

Child of God. Wife to Malachi. Birth Mother. Dog Mom. Sister & Friend. Author & Speaker. Attempting Blogger. Lover of Sweets. Seeker of Growth. Fighter & Brave. Encourager of Women. Loud Laugher. Bright Color Wearer. Challenge Accepter. 


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So... What is Your Book About?

Since the book rolled out, I keep getting asked what the book is about and why there are so many authors. I keep forgetting that my “normal” is not very “normal”. Whatever “normal” is. So here is the quick rundown!

The book is about my journey through a high school pregnancy . . . scandalous, I know. The book is not just a Teen Mom episode. In reality, it’s more about this really cool guy, Jesus. It is about how He could take the sin, shame, and chaos of my life at the time and turn it into a beautiful, happy ending. It is about how God can meet you right in the middle of the storm and calm and heal your heart. It is about how no matter how far we run, we cannot outrun His love. No matter how much we sin, we cannot out-sin His grace. Now that sounds a lot better than a book about a pregnancy.

So why so many authors? Well what makes our book unique is that while I am telling my story, my mom is also telling her perspective of the situation. We go back and forth throughout the entire book. We wanted this book to reach all ages. Plus everyone wants to see all the angles of a story. My mom’s part touches on the fact that our actions really affect those around us. It also discusses how you love people through their sin. How do you pick people up who are in pain? How do you trust God when you get put into a situation that you did not pick?

But wait, there’s more! It’s not just my mom and me. At the end, my Aunt Bethany shares her version of the story (my dad’s brother’s wife). My Aunt Bethany and Uncle Jeff adopted my daughter. PLOT TWIST! You get to hear about what God can do through your life with a willing heart.

Let me tell you, it’s a pretty great read if I do say so myself!! Get yourself a copy at

Meet the authors. Lindsay, Scarlet, Bethany, and Kinley


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