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Lindsay Pepin Ophus

"We will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony." -Revelation 12:11

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Who is Lindsay?

Child of God. Wife to Malachi. Birth Mother. Dog Mom. Sister & Friend. Author & Speaker. Attempting Blogger. Lover of Sweets. Seeker of Growth. Fighter & Brave. Encourager of Women. Loud Laugher. Bright Color Wearer. Challenge Accepter. 


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Sweater in August

Back in August, I was driving to pick up Kinley (my daughter that I sacrificially placed for adoption) for some professional photos. We are being featured in a magazine! (Brio Magazine by Focus on the Family) As I’m driving to get her I had some unique items in my back seat, 2 sweaters, a snow cap, and a puffy winter coat. Weird items for a photo shoot in the middle of August when my car thermostat says 101 degrees. The photo shoot is for the magazine’s Dec/Jan addition. As I drove I’m prepping myself for a future conversation with a sweating 8 year old who is in a full winter outfit.

My first thought was I’ll tell her “I know we are uncomfortable but we are saving babies” As I kept driving, I played the conversation out in my head.

Kinley: What are we saving the babies from? Me: Being killed before they are born. K: Who is killing them? M: Their mommies. K: Why would their mommy kill them? M: Maybe because they are scared, or don’t have a husband, or are too young? I’m not sure but they feel it’s their only option. K: Are they allowed to kill their baby? I thought you go to jail if you kill? M: Unfortunately, babies don’t have the same rights as all other humans. K: Wont the mommies be sad when they kill their babies? M: Very very sad. K: How can we save the babies? They shouldn’t die and their mommies shouldn’t be sad. M: We share our story about adoption. Even when it hurts to share our pain, even when it’s uncomfortable to wear a sweater in August or be judged by others, even when it’s easier to stay silent, we speak loudly. We share hope. We share the options. We share about a God who loves them and their baby regardless of the situation.

Now this conversation never happened. Unfortunately this conversation rarely happens with adults. When you break down the abortion topic, it’s as simple as it is to have a conversation with an 8 year old. It’s not political. It’s right vs wrong. It’s death vs life. It’s despair vs hope. Talking about abortion is almost as uncomfortable as wearing a sweater and a snow hat in August. I get it! But the fact that 1 in 4 babies are aborted should be a lot more uncomfortable to stay silent about.


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